I'LL NEVER BE OK Untitled Document
Yağmur ▲ Turkey ▲ April 1994 ▲ Jewelry Engineering

▲ I wanna be Dan Smith’s ears because they are always with him and hear his angel voice all the time ▲

▲ I’m not even a person anymore I’m just stress and sadness ▲

▲ I'm too high to be old ▲

▲What did I do to deserve this? -Mr. Nobody▲

▲Probably The Biggest Stormer From Turkey ▲ McAvoyeurs ▲

▲ Listen ▲ Watch Read ▲ Eat ▲ Sleep ▲
"It was love at first lyric look up."
everyone that loves the 1975 (via holymatty)

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i don’t want to do my homework so look what i did instead


Matty Healy // Leeds Festival

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omg i miss you! KITTY!!! D’: